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May 2020: During this wild and crazy and scary pandemic time, a  few things happen around all things potty.

This is a time when many parents are tempted to push ahead before children are ready to be independent rather than time trained. For parents who are considering potty training- my method suggests waiting until children have completed window one of potty curiosity which occurs at 2 years 6 months (and then children drop the skill and interest, but are ready to recapture at age 3). Please wait for that to happen, even if it is tempting to push through now, with so much “time at home”.

Regression also can occur when children are out of their routine, and that is CERTAINLY happening now! For regression, have a few pant less days at home with no reminders and children will generally recall to self-prompt when potty needs arise.

Be careful to attend to your child’s and your own emotional needs during this time. Treat them and yourselves with care! Reach out to me as needed.


May 2016 Hello again!

Thinking about potty training? Here are a few tips that I just bet you had never thought about….

  • Never train a little boy to pee standing up before he has learned to poop sitting down!
  • Children will tell you that they are ready for window one (age 2-2.6) but NEVER tell you that they are ready for window two ( age 2.10-3.2)!
  • children with sensory/language delays are more likely to have some lags with all things potty as well.

Welcome to Ready Set Go Potty!  I am ready and set to hear your ideas, thoughts and answer your questions. I’ll be posting interesting potty news and other news related to young parents. Please email me your feedback that is specific to potty training and my approach.

A wonderful resource for readers struggling with inconsistent toileting skills with older children is Steven Hodges: Bed-wetting and Accidents.!about-the-authors/cdn8

Dr Hodges addresses the role of constipation in older children. Check out this great material.

Also, be sure and  visit my colleague and fellow Blogger and sleep expert  Kim West The Sleep Lady  for tips on helping your reluctant sleeper. She has a series of interviews for her members and she did a full hour interview with me about all things potty.. Check out her fabulous site! 

Come back often and let’s do some potty talk!