Praise for Sally’s Coaching

Hundreds of children throughout the country have become trained by the techniques available in READY SET GO POTTY! Here’s what a few parents have to say:

April 2020

From the parent of a 4 year old: Why does my child refuse to sit and will only stand up and poop? Your method helped me reteach the correct seated potty position and blowing exercises! Who knew that was a thing!

June 2019:

Thanks Sally for convincing us to wait until our child was developmentally ready to accomplish this task. Your approach saved us many hours of potty tension.

January 2019:

From the parent of a 6 year old:   We were so tired of poop accidents! Thankfully Sally coached us through a long process of helping our son become a potty pooping pro! Many thanks- we were positive he would go to college in a pull-up!

From the parent of a 4.5 year old: We have been pooping in the big potty without pull ups for a week!  While I expect dips in the road we feel officially potty trained. I am afraid to send this message and jinx us but the change in Aaron is amazing.I think that having a gradual plan that was real and visible  was really helpful.  Our son needed to take a step and then think about the next one for a bit before he made the next leap.  A lot of it was probably our confidence in knowing that you were supporting us and that this could work.

Can’t thank you enough. Your plan worked so well!

New Jersey Mom: November 2018


Sally helped us navigate this process with our 5 year old with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We are so appreciative!

Craig  Metro DC May 2017


This is a remarkable approach. Kudos to sally for her support!   Kendra, Wisconsin parent, Winter 2016

We survived and, I feel, thrived this weekend. I can’t believe the transformation that took place between Thursday evening and this Monday morning. We’re wearing underpants, cheerfully announcing our need to go potty and skipping over to make deposits. The weekend wasn’t without its ups and downs, but in all, I feel it was a success.
 Anne ,Colorado mom Jan 2014

my mom told me Chloe was telling her “my body is ready, all four year olds poop on the potty.” clearly, the social story and the push practice was critical here, as well as all of the empathy and coaching that you helped me with. this issue was becoming so charged and stressful in our family and i cannot tell you how relieved my husband and i are. i was losing tons of sleep over the past few months. i found that the advice from the doctor, and all conventional wisdom was WRONG for our child. i am so glad we found you. you have been a lifesaver. Three days of practicing and now complete success!  Beth, Baltimore mom ,spring 2014


My son (now 3 years, 8 months) was “pee trained” a few weeks after starting potty training. However, he refused to poop in the toilet or potty, and after 7 months of daily poop accidents, I was at the end of my rope. My pediatrician did not think that there was any medical problem and she suggested I consult with a social worker named Sally Neuberger. My husband and I worked with Sally and devised a plan of action that worked well for us and for the issues we were dealing with. We have had terrific success. Sally really acted more like a “coach” for us, and helped us to use positive reinforcement, and gentle efforts to get our son to take responsibility for his body. IT WORKED. He has not had a poop accident for 10 days…it is an ongoing process for us, but we are making substantial progress. I don’t have any affiliation with Sally; I just wanted to share info with all of you who are struggling with potty training. Julie, metro DC mom Sept 2014

Our family came to Sally in complete desperation.  Our almost-five year old son was terrified to poop in the potty, and after two and a half of trying everything imaginable, our only hope was seeking out the counseling of the “Potty Coach”.   Sally worked with my husband and me to create a slow but deliberate plan to get our son comfortable around the potty before he was asked to use it.  Through her kid-friendly methods of playful “steps” and the language she taught us to use to encourage progress, our son became excited to get to the next step each week.  We were astounding to see growth in this facet of our son’s life that had been holding him back for years.  Sally checked in with us almost daily and we continued to reshape our plan based on our son’s immediate worries and needs.  Unexpectedly, the tools Sally taught us to use when dealing with our son’s fear of the potty could be applied to our parenting skills in general.  Sally coached us how to teach our son to poop on the potty and we became better parents in the process.  ”                      Brett: Northern Va mom January 2014


“We will be leaving to go on vacation soon, and it’s so great to have Grant reliably potty trained. Only one accident in the last 3 weeks I think.”  Lisa, DC metro mom   July 2015

“Just wanted to give you an update on our little girl and her potty training progress. The short answer is she’s doing great—thanks to your method and the additional advice you provided. She now goes #2 on the potty like a champ and is telling us whenever she feels the urge…and is having very few accidents. We just wanted to share our success story and thank you for your guidance and advice.” David metro DC 2014

All the parents I have sent have given you applause. So happy we can make a difference for the children and their families. I will be sending all my potty challenges your way! Parent Educator, Texas, Spring 2015


I just wanted to report that Jacob is potty trained! I attended your program at our Nursery School and we implemented it recently over break. We’ve had no accidents since the morning of the 4th day and now Jacob can poop in his potty by himself, without “help”/encouragement. I told him at one point that every time he poops in the potty it will get “easier and easier.” Now he sometimes repeats that to me after a poop–“it gets easier and easier.” He also had no trouble returning to school after spring break and was thrilled to tell his teachers about his “bye bye diaper” party. I know we are not yet ready, but I’d love to have your voice in mind when it comes time to giving up the sleep diaper. I cannot tell you how much it helped to have your mantra “your body is ready to use the potty now” and also to absolutely NOT give in to putting a diaper on for poop. He begged so much that I might have caved had I not had your absolute order not to go this way. It’s exactly what I needed to stay the course.  Stephanie, metro DC mom  April 2015


Thank you very much—we’re very grateful for your help. My wife and I thought you did a terrific job on the phone, assessing our situation and then focusing on the aspects of your approach that would be most helpful. Gary Metro DC May 2013

On April 29, 2011, in the am, after waking up, Bella wearing a beautiful yellow dress and standing in the kitchen suddenly announced: “ I NEED TO GO POTTY!” and ran for the toilet, before I could turn around. She shut the door behind her, and burst out a minute later announcing, “I WENT! I WENT! I HEARD THE TINKLE!” I could tell from her sheer joy that she definitely had. Thank you for your advice and taking the time to work with us. Anita NYC mom  December 2014

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