A Unique Approach

READY SET GO-POTTY adds a twist to the tried and true foundations of potty training with a unique, logical, comprehensive and fun approach to this sometimes complicated adventure when your child is DEVELOPMENTALLY  READY and SET to GO!  

READY SET GO-POTTY is DIFFERENT from all other toilet training approaches because it helps parents recognize TWO developmental windows occurring for children! In WINDOW ONE, preschoolers initially show interest in potty training and just as rapidly, forget the skill! This is often when potty training power struggles begin. Parents assume that their 24 month old child has grasped and accomplished the task and is showing refusal behavior. In fact, children have been introduced to the task and are getting READY to integrate the social, emotional, motor and cognitive skills required.

The READY SET GO POTTY Approach encourages parents to wait for the second window of opportunity which occurs near a child’s third birthday. Now potty success can occur swiftly and with minimal stress because all developmental milestones are in place! WINDOW TWO has opened. Your child is now SET to GO POTTY quickly and independently without weeks of incentives and accidents.

READY SET GO POTTY is innovative in clearly describing the specific developmental milestones required to be fully successful and complete this task over a weekend.  It is innovative in recommending a systematic and prescribed naked-from-the waist-down approach. Patience, humor, perseverance and diminished timer use will produce success in three days. Constant offering of liquids will present many opportunities for practice, praise and success. The addition of clothes will be gradual and planned over the three day period. Correct sitting; positioning on the potty will encourage stability and focus for reluctant sitters. You will learn fun strategies for keeping children seated and practicing.

READT SET GO POTTY is unusual in suggesting that parents shift their attitude from director to cheerleader. You must be prepared to transfer control of this skill to your child in order for independence to occur. This guide is innovative in its day by day design for a fun and action-packed weekend of practice and success. Your child will feel confident, excited, and successful after three days of intensive practice. You will breathe a sigh of relief, and experience an increased sense of parental competence. You will enjoy a stronger connection to and admiration for your toilet trained child!

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