About the potty coach…

Sally Neuberger is a licensed clinical social worker in Maryland where she is now in private practice after a 20 year history with pre-school and elementary age children and their families in a school setting for children with learning differences. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Ms. Neuberger has worked in a variety of maternal/child health/ parenting programs.

Ms. Neuberger’s expertise in the field of potty training came from her work with speech and language delayed preschoolers who had difficulty accomplishing the developmental task of potty training.  Ms. Neuberger’s potty training strategies have expanded over time to include typical youngsters, and the three-day-weekend approach for developmentally ready youngsters was born.

Sally regularly presents professional and parenting workshops on READY SET GO POTTY: Potty Training in a Weekend as well as a variety of child development topics including behavioral issues and anxiety in young children. Ms. Neuberger provides weekend coaching to families around potty training as well as counseling support to families experiencing more atypical potty obstacles. She maintains a private practice and works with young children and their parents.

Ms. Neuberger is the proud parent of two adult sons and once upon a time a pooch, all of whom were potty trained with minimal effort!


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